Monday, December 21, 2009

On the shortest day of the year...

...we finished up Christmas shopping today (well, nearly finished) and played. It has been an exceptionally busy month and we both needed some downtime. So we took advantage of the short daylight in the day - from 7:55 am to 4:24 pm - and hung out together.

He took 3 naps today + a mini nap at 5:30 tonight...but when he was awake, he was my little tornado. Just like his papa.

The anti-highlight?

While I was busy keeping the flat iron cord away from him while straightening my hair, he was busy dropping q-tips into the toilet, one by one.

Thank God he doesn't know how to flush yet.

Note to self: do not leave a stack of Christmas cards on the sofa, unless you want them moved to the floor.

It took me a second here when I was just shooting around to realize...

...he wasn't holding onto anything. Standing up, realizing that he could balance all on his own.

Blurry because I was cheering and yelling and shooting and scaring him all at the same time.

Yup, this big poop-eating grin followed his first full 'standing on his own'.

So he showed his new trick a few more times...all straight out of the camera. I love in the second one below how everything is blurry from movement, except his face.

Taking a break, and then showing how he is truly Captain Awesome.

...for a few more weeks, then Captain Awesome will be to his elbows. And it will officially become a hand-me-down sweatshirt stashed away. :)

1 comment:

KCina said...

Go Thomas Go.....NOTHING is safe now...(insert evil grin & laugh)...

Merry Christmas you guys!!!
~ Kathy, Victor & Charlie

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