Saturday, November 7, 2009

Windows are for Zerberts

When I was outside shooting my rosemary, I turned around to find Thomas's face pressed up against the glass. And then pound. pound. pound. His hands smacking on the window.

One of the first things we did to the house was replace all the windows - and I think the french sliding doors are my favorites of all the windows. Heavy, strong, with the 'french door' safely tucked away inside the glass. And 100% guaranteed by Milgard.

Far stronger than the Wee Ski and his window banging.

And since it's been awhile since I've shown a crazy amount of photos of the kid all in a row, here they are.

Welcome, squishy face. I'd missed you.

This was just before he slid all the way down the window while screaming in joy.

Must. stop. to. regroup. Suck the thumb. Get back on track.

Good to go now!

And this gratutious self promotion was brought to you by the Wee Ski's mom.


Keana C. said...

so cute!
My windows forever have that sticky drool mess on them. I clean it and an hour later Joey has it all messed up again!

marie said...

What a blessed life you have. I can't imagine the joy you must feel to turn around and see that little squishy face against the window. What a cutie!

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