Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Ski Soup Swap

...was just soup-er.

Patterned after a traditional holiday cookie swap, but with the goal of making the holidays easier in the evenings by taking away the need to cook for a few nights. I had no idea that there was a giant Soup Swap in Seattle each February...but I loved the idea.

And so the Soup Swap was born.

Kate, Stella, Sandra, Courtney, Lindsay, Liz and I all made different types of soup and brought them in quart containers to swap. We had a little chicken taco chili + corn casserole and had a few bottles of wine on hand. All the makings for a good soup swap.

For a taste of what was shared...

So excited to have a stocked freezer and a few calm nights ahead in December! Thanks, ladies! :)


Theresa Brown said...

So, next year are you looking for any additional ladies to join you???? ;)

Scrapping in Circles said...

What a great idea. I'm not a big soup person, but I love the idea of quick and easy meals for those cold winter nights during the busy holidays. I might have to try one of those sometime. (=

Lindsay said...

We had the white bean chicken chili last night and I was so relieved not to have to cook- plus Billy loved it!

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