Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Beginning of Advent

A great start to Advent today. A new liturgical year. Lit the first of the Advent candles tonight. Some quick things to note:

  • Today, Jonathan and I began our devotional Advent & Christmas: Wisdom from GK Chesterton. Simple, straightforward writings from Chesterton each day, with Scripture and some sort of activity to follow each day.
  • On the 1st of December, we'll begin a 24 story countdown to Christmas with Thomas in the evenings. Reading from the Advent Storybook, we'll read just after his bath, before nursing and sleep. I also picked up A Family Advent: Keeping the Savior in the Season for good ideas and projects. Excited for that as Thomas grows over the years.
  • Started the Advent Daily scrapbook tonight. So excited to focus on a different part of Advent and our lives each day. I'm not sure if I'll just post the pages each day as they're pulled together, or do a run of them every few days.
  • I've had a bunch of emails and questions recently about digital scrapping -- so I'm planning a post soon about it, especially about how I transitioned from paper scrapping to digi. Let me know if you have any questions you want answered! :)
  • Worked over at the tree house on Friday and Saturday. Loving seeing faces to match up with names, and getting into the swing of things at Christmas. We're off to a great start for the season! If you haven't gotten your Christmas tree yet, come out to Rainier! We've got beautiful nobles, grands and douglas firs!
  • Made this incredible minestrone yesterday in the crockpot. Just 3.5 points per serving. Thomas and I shared two bowls last night and loved it. He was also a fan of the mess he could make with a broth-based soup. I was close to hosing him down by the end.
  • Almost done with my daily challenge in November to blog every day. It got easier as each day passed -- and I'm so glad. I love having one place for all the 'deets of our life' - especially to be able to look back over as time passes. Will probably continue to blog daily through the end of the year.
  • Finian Road has been crazy busy -- as it always is near Christmas. I love it. I love my clients, their kids, and keeping up with things. Let me know if you're interested in a shoot and have questions! :)

And the pages from today...

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ViolinMama said...

LOVE all your ideas and traditions. I need to get a copy of that Advent countdown bear sweet and meaningful. I also should get a copy of the GK book - so nice! That reminds me of the Lenten meditations F&F posts every helpful!

I posted yesterday on our plans for Advent. I'm SO excited, and I love how you capture yours so beautifully with pictures! :) Thanks for inspiring me!

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