Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Ordination

Yesterday, my good friend David was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Portland.

Stella, Thomas and I made a short day trip down to the Cathedral for the Ordination Mass. David and I met in 2003 when my brother was studying at Mt. Angel Seminary. In March of that year, our family joined the Mt. Angel contingent of supporters and seminarians who took a pilgrimage to Sicily and Italy. He was the first person I told after my back was healed when we were in Naples at the Cathedral.

We've kept up over the years - when he's been up here or I've been down there. Fr. David did a pastoral internship up here at Providence St. Peter's (where the Wee Ski was born) and stayed at St. Martin's during that time.

During a fun visit to Mount Angel for Oktoberfest, he pulled together a sweet guided climb for us up into the Bell Tower of St. Mary's before heading into town.

When you meet him, you realize the incredible caliber of the men coming through the seminaries and being ordained. There's a beautiful story about him here from the Catholic Sentinel: A good red-blooded American boy.

It was the largest ordination class for Portland since before I was it was packed. After realizing that my little point-and-shoot camera would be better shooting video than photos while holding the Wee Ski throughout the long Mass...I shot a few videos. Lucky for you, I'm only narrating one of them.

This one:

The Mass itself was beautiful. The priests from around the archdiocese were there, as were several monks from Mt. Angel (including the brother of Fr. Odo, who concelebrated at Jonathan and my wedding).

Since the bridge was up when we tried to enter Oregon, we got there a bit later than expected and the seats were all gone. Everyone around us was so gracious with Thomas...offering their seats to us. Stella was an awesome sport, and we decided to stay up against the wall so the Wee Ski and I could make a quick exit if he decided to grace everyone with his vocal stylings.

One of the moments that I was able to capture with the wiggly worm in the sling...when he made his promise of obedience to the Archbishop.

After the Mass, just before the self-portrait at the top, Fr. David gave Stella, Thomas and me a special blessing.

It was so much fun to be there -- he will be such a light to the parish he's assigned to -- and I can't wait to make it down there with Jonathan and Thomas to hear one of his homilies. A true gift to our church.

For the rest of the day...

Thomas was amazing for the first two hours of the Mass. He melted down a bit on the way up to communion, where I received the cup from the newly ordained Fr. Eric Andersen, who also was part of the pilgrimage. And he was my little angel again after nursing afterwards...doesn't he look innocent?

We stopped by Papa Haydn's for a quick lunch before getting back on the road north...

Congratulations, my friend! :)

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