Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For today.

Jumping in with the rest of the internet-world. :) A quick way to catch up!

Outside my window...the birds are chirping, no wait, that's the chickens. Time to let them out of the Eglu.

I am thinking...that I have a lot to do today. My first 'free' day in more than a week. So looking forward to crossing things off my to-do list.

I am thankful for...falling asleep last night with Thomas around 7:45 pm. Waking up to find Jonathan brought in the rest of the goodies from Costco for me.

From the kitchen...1.5 point cupcakes, with leftovers to bring to Relay on Friday. Loving this blog for great recipes with points in mind!

I am wearing...Ralph Lauren pajama pants. Glamourmom nursing tank. Lime green slipper flip flops.

I am creating...lots of photo goodness. Check the Finian Road blog for updates!

I am Mass and the grocery store this morning. Passed off our donations for Jonathan to deliver to the Relay Bank Night tonight.

I am reading...the Relay For Life of Thurston County website. Loving seeing our team at just over $16,000. VERY excited to Relay this year without morning sickness!

I am hoping...that we have a good family vacation in a few weeks. It's the first time the whole crew has gone on vacation together. Would love for it to become an annual event.

I am hearing...Thomas rolling around. He's snuggling up with Papa this morning until he begins to wake up around 6:30 or so. We really needed last night's full night of sleep after traveling!

Around the house...lots to catch up on. Groceries, meal planning, Photoshop, harvesting some of herbs, lots of wash. Lots and lots of wash. Prepping for Relay on Friday.

One of my favorite alert Thomas is now when he's in his sling. He sits and smiles at everyone, laughs at funny things, and curls up to go to sleep when he's tired. I love seeing him take in a bit more of life each day.

A few plans for the rest of the night for Relay tonight, the office tomorrow, Relay on Friday, Lindsay's wedding on Saturday, downtime with Jonathan and Thomas on Sunday. And a three day weekend for Jonathan next weekend!!

A picture to share...Grandpa and Dad together, walking down from the Shrine in LaCrosse. It was blazing hot that day and super muggy (Monica Geller, eat your humid frizzy hair heart out!). So much fun. Can't wait to blog the adventure!

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Nancy E said...

Love the photo! I just posted my own version of your post here on my blog. :) Thanks for sharing.... :)

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