Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chickens Go Camping

Meet the chickens in their new habitat: the Eglu.

Eggs + igloo = Eglu

We love it because it's portable around the yard, has built in protections from the coyotes and other predators (which, at this time, also includes Maggie the dog), the eggs will be easy to remove and the Eglu is incredibly easy to clean.

Jonathan had flashbacks to life as a little Ski where he would get pecked by the chickens as he tried to remove their the Wee Ski should be happy that he will have a much easier time!

I love that the chicks - Peanut, Butter and Jelly - are now out of the kitchen (don't you want every meal to smell like chicken poo?) and they are so happy out in the yard away from the guinea pig cage and box they grew up in.

In the morning, you flip the door open, and they make a mad dash for food and water. They can go in and out as they please throughout the day...and at night, they go inside and you close them up safe and sound and warm. They have a sun shield for shade, and can peck at the grass all day long.

Now, they don't jump in their food and water, as it's all suspended. Less messes!

Poor Mags...she has been trying to tunnel underneath the Eglu to get to the chicks. She puts her giant paws on the top of the Eglu so they know she's there. Poor chicks.

She thinks it's fun to pounce up to them like she used to do with Viper...and in time, I'm hoping they'll get used to it. :)

We've got another month or so until we can start looking for eggs...

That will be eggs-celent!

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