Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All mine.

So says the Wee Ski about his godmommy.

I love his content little gaze, while holding firmly onto Liz's hair.

It should be noted that she and I survived what can only be described as 'baby diaper armageddon' that afternoon as we got to Our Lady of Guadalupe for Lindsay's wedding...

Everything in his original outfit was stuffed in a Ziploc gallon bag (oh, Ziploc, you are a lifesaver). If we could have found a hose, Thomas would have spent quality time with it. Half a dozen cucumber and aloe wipes would have to do.

And this was what Thomas heard from his mom:

"Let this be the first and last time you are ever naked in a church parking lot."


ViolinMama said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFL!!! That last comment was the best! I love the story, LOVE the picture, and as always love this little glimpse into your life! I hope today is a great day for you! Much love!

KCina said...

Oh, if YOU are so lucky that will be the only time, but be warned, it most likely will not! Guaranteed, when you are running low on baby wipes, THAT is when it will happen! ;-)

Happy Tuesday!
~ Kathy

Keana C. said...

oh man the good ol' "diaper blowout" it sounds like!

I am sure there will be more instances of wardrobe changes in parking lots. I can't tell you how many times Joey has had a diaper change in the trunk of my car.

TBro said...

You crack me up! ;) Yes, let's hope if he is naked in a church parking lot again, it will be for a diaper change. :) :)

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