Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Wee Ski Meets Scissors

Yesterday, Thomas met his first taste of manly grooming.

He got a haircut.

Long ago, Jonathan veto'd any chance of me being able to cut his hair. He claims my hack job on the dog disqualified me.


He knew that Auntie Sandi Ski would do a fabulous job...and he was right. In spite of a Thomas Meltdown, she turned our wee wooly mammoth into a cute little boy.

The transition in photos...

Clearly, my instructions of "sit up for your before shot!" were translated as "spit up for your before shot!"

"Hi Mommy! Do you see me? Didn't I make you proud with my big spit-up? I did just what you asked!"

A better 'before' pic, just after losing his now dirty shirt.

With Thomas tucked in his bumbo chair, Auntie Sandi started trimming him up. Doesn't he look well behaved here?

Enter the beginning of the meltdown.

Auntie Sandi trimmed faster, knowing that he was getting closer to losing it.

Until he nearly throws himself out of his bumbo chair...and she finished him up and the boys headed home.

Once he got home, he decided to melt down a bit again.

A few short moments later, he is ready to rumble!

How cute does he look?!?

Thanks, Sandi! ♥ We love you!


Danielle Hawes said...


Jenn & Noah said...

oh i love it!! what a lil stud muffin!! =)

ViolinMama said...

He turned out soooo cute, but man, giving them their 1st haircut is so hard...or maybe it is for a girl? I didn't want any of that baby hair to come off!

I am CRYING from laughing at Viper's cut!! HAHAHA!! You did better than me. That is hysterical!

Love it! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful little boy.

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