Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thomas's Big Day Out

...started yesterday with his first ever walk in the stroller. An incredible northwest spring day, with temperatures nearing 80°.

Liz and I met early at Capitol Lake before the rays became intense. For him, we used a revised "slip slop slap" for a 5 month old. His skin is still too young for sunscreen, so we slipped on a shirt, slid him under the cover on his stroller (pulling it over his face, arms and legs) and slapped a hat on him.

We stopped for a water break and Auntie Liz snuggled him up for being so good in his seat. He was in heaven - taking in all the sights (and even some spandex ones that frightened the adults) and loved being eye-to-eye with the big dogs.

He's leaning in for a kiss on the cheek, but I think he's also asking, "Is that a gecko on your shoulder?"

The tattoo is famous between Liz and me, dating back to our water aerobics days, when one of the ladies always came up with a different animal that it could be...never figuring out the connection between LIZ and LIZard. For the record, when we came to class on Ash Wednesday with ashes, she told us she had Jewish relatives like us. :)

After the walk, we stopped by the Relay BBQ (which was awesome!) and then hustled Thomas out of the sunshine and over to the Farmer's Market. Picked up some incredibly yummy tayberry jam, garlic sauce, and walked through the market. Thomas crashed at the end, sleeping so hard that I had to hold his head up to put the car seat belt on him.

He slept all afternoon until we headed over to the Q's for dinner. He slept on the way there too.

Uncle Boo and Aunt Sandra had a ball with him...Aunt Sandra helped him get accustomed to kitties, and Uncle Boo, well...

Uncle Boo showed him his grills.

The gas grill (for Aunt Sandra) and the charcoal grill (for him). Thomas was in awe.

Uncle Boo made cajun tri-tip steaks on the charcoal grill...a treat considering Uncle Boo's Louisiana heritage and grilling skills. It rocked.

We capped off the night with a run to Baskin Robbins for ice cream.

The Q's welcomed Thomas to sleep in their pack & play - complete with air conditioning and a blackened room (thanks to heavy curtains). The Wee Ski slept in total peace, just a little after his normal bedtime.

He was sleeping so well that we picked him up around 10:15, carried him out to the car, buckled him in, brought him home, and tucked him into bed...without waking up.

My favorite image of the night?

One that I only found after downloading. Jonathan took it outside by the grills after I handed him the camera. This, my friends, is what makes me happy.

When my husband captures breathtaking, peaceful moments that I would miss since I wasn't there.

And this is what Jonathan shot:

A great day with people we love. ♥

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ViolinMama said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That last picture...I can see heaven relecting in his clear!!!

I'm so thrilled the day went well, and so much family and friends to see! Loved the recap and pics!

Always thinking of you!! Much love! Thanks for all you do!

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