Sunday, May 31, 2009

On the occasion...

of my 32nd birthday...

My papa has always given me great cards. One of the things he does, that would surprise most people who know him, is on special occasions (especially my Valentine's Day and my birthday), he usually adds in something special and personal. Without Mom's help or reminding. He searches through old photo albums and finds photos that he loved from years ago, and includes them in the card. One year, he actually cut out a photo to fit the shape of the card. Knowing that my creative genes didn't come from him, it's always been something that means a great deal to me because of the time and effort he spends.

We've had our moments over the years - most often due to my strong-willed nature, I'm sure - but I have never once doubted his love for me.

We celebrated my birthday last night at my favorite restaurant (Spiro's - home to my first date with Jonathan and our wedding rehearsal dinner) and then Thomas went home with Mom and Dad while Jonathan and I went out on a date.

I love seeing Dad with Thomas -- he always asks, "How's Tommy? And how's Mommy?"

With this year's card came some photos from years past...not surprisingly...a few from my first year.

Seriously. Check out that jumperoo. You better believe I was stationery in that way it was rolling around on that fine shag carpet. Love me some late 70s decor.

And yes, an early "Ooooooh" face from Dad. He still does this all the time. He must be ooohing and aaaahing over my fancy wreath that I made him.

Oh, and Tom Selleck called, he'd like his mustache back. :)

Halloween...I believe this was a year or two after I sliced my nose while pumpkin carving. :)

And I threw this one to compare Dad to now...but holding onto my child.

I love you, Papa. Thank you for being so thoughtful for my birthday! ♥


KCina said...

AWESOME!! Love me some 70's shag carpet photos..and your Shelley dress!!!

Happy Birthday my friend!
~ Kathy

Anonymous said...

Can I just say how much I love the "Shelley" jumper!!!!??? So hilariously cute... Happy birthday! Lindsay

Frank Apostolica said...

Great pics of you and Tom, Shelley!


Fr. Raftis

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