Thursday, April 9, 2009

Small Successes • Vol. 9

My eighth weekly edition of Small Successes for moms (hosted over at Faith and Family Live) they say, it’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph.

This week's small successes include:

  1. Cleaning the kitchen. Our kitchen seems to be the 'catch all' area of the house. Yesterday, before Thomas was up for the day, I cleaned out the fridge, took everything off the counters and deep cleaned, and got rid of a ton of clutter that needed to find a new home. The awesome clean, decluttered feeling inspired...
  2. Cleaning the bathrooms. Deep cleaned and decluttered everything this morning before Thomas was up...and restocked things at Costco today. FlyLady, eat your heart out!
  3. Started creating our 'life after maternity leave' routines...starting to lay them out in Excel (I know, I'm forever a nerd. Motherhood did not change that). Planning ahead to the overnight that I will be away from the boys...and knowing that the structure will help Jonathan and Thomas have a good 36 hours together. :) It will also help us to keep our home organized as we transition into this new phase.

To celebrate Thomas turning 3 months old yesterday (and 13 weeks today!), here's my favorite shot of the two of us from last night.


KCina said...

smiling big time... ;-)

ViolinMama said...

That picture is HEAVEN!!! How did you take it?? Professional? I love it! Love your successes and admiring your organization! I love Fly lady too. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Elizabeth Ann said...

Motherhood suits you!

shelley said...

Oh, ViolinMama, you made my husband's day! He took that photo on Wednesday evening...and it doesn't hurt that his wife is a professional photog! :)

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