Friday, April 17, 2009

Simple treasures

The other day, I received an email which literally brought tears to my eyes.

Over the past few months, I've been wrestling with the work/family/life balance, and it's been a difficult process. Ultimately, I decided to extend my maternity leave once my paid leave finished on Holy Thursday, and added several weeks of unpaid leave to help transition back to the office in May.

When I walked in the other day to the Y, there was a small sign that said, "Decide what your priorities are, and accept the consequences of your choices. "Right now, finding a healthy balance of the physical, spiritual and emotional areas of my life is the most important focus that I have. When all of these are in balance, I am at my best to my family and those around me. My maternity leave has given me the time to help redefine my priorities. I love being a mom. I love being a wife. I love finally having the time to make the house our home, and to stretch myself out of my comfort zone into areas I've never been in.

When Thomas was born, I spent his first week in a realm where time stood still and I didn't even realize I'd been "gone" for 7 days. I missed the worst of the recent stock market in January and February, and wasn't there for new management in our office, or the full completion of our acquisition by Bank of America.

I was with my husband and my son, and it was right where I wanted to be.

By the grace of God, it's working out for me to change my schedule at the office from full time to 2 days a week...which gives me the time to spend with Thomas 5 days a week. I feel very blessed.

Believe me, I've received a ton of advice on how to be a working mom or how to be a stay at home mom. On what makes a good mom. On how to raise kids in this world. And everyone is exceptionally passionate about it. And I do appreciate the different points of view - I really do.

Right now, for us, this is the best of all worlds, and I am so grateful.

Back to the email that Jackie sent. The one that brought tears to my eyes. The one that I needed to read because I so love seeing my child grow a little each day, staring into his big blue eyes as we walk through the fields...and I don't really make it off the farm all that much. I haven't been north of Lacey since last Saturday, and before that...I don't remember. Maybe a week earlier?

There are unreturned phone messages, and things I "should" be doing. But each moment, especially before I head back to work, I am wrapped up in my son and my husband...

...and I am so content with that.

An Excuse For Not Returning the Visit of a Friend
by Mei-Yao Ch'en
Translated by Kenneth Rexroth

Do not be offended because
I am slow to go out. You know
Me too well for that. On my lap
I hold my little girl. At my
Knees stands my handsome little son.
One has just begun to talk.
The other chatters without
Stopping. They hang on my clothes
And follow my every step.
I can't get any farther
Than the door. I am afraid
I will never make it to your house.

Thank you, Jackie, for thinking of me when you read this...and especially...thank you for passing it onto me. ♥


KCina said...

Yes, you ARE right where you should be!!! ;-)

Happy Friday and glad Mr. Thomas looks so cute in his little "Seahawks" cap......

~ Kathy

ViolinMama said...

I'm SO glad you are finding balance!! That is such a relief for a mom's heart (believe me, I know....I finally could afford to find the balance I needed when Lovely was 4 years old....I wanted it so much sooner!) and I'm thrilled you got it while in the first 3 months!

Love the poem. I'll be sharing it with my girlfriend who just delivered.

It's been so nice getting to know you. I appreciate your words more than you know, and love seeing your blessed life in pictures!!!

Have a good one!

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