Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Official Sponsor of Birthdays

They are definitely the official sponsor of MY birthday. And everyone knows that I love my birthday so much, that I'm often found celebrating it on the first of each month.

Take 60 seconds and watch this.

To most people, birthdays are just a reminder that they're getting older. But at the American Cancer Society, "Happy Birthday" is a victory song, because a world with less cancer is a world with more birthdays. And that's definitely something to celebrate.

More than 11 million Americans who have survived cancer—and countless others who have avoided it—will celebrate a birthday this year, thanks to the progress we're making together to help people stay well and get well, to find cures, and fight back.


KCina said...

love this! thanks for posting...stolen from your blog to post on my blog!

Happy Wednesday!
~ Kathy

Angie said...

Thank you, Shelley, for all you do for Cancer research. Thanks to all your hard work and the work of amazing researchers, my dad celebrated his 75th birthday last week!

Matthew R. Lee said...

Glad to find others who are spreading the message. I love this ad.

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