Monday, April 20, 2009

Of baby bathtubs and warm sunshine

So glad it's Monday! A new week!

Also so grateful our baby is a happy sick baby. He would get big giant tears from coughing, and only cried when we would suction his little nose. Nursing has been especially difficult for him being all stuffed up, so we've just taken things slowly. He's doing better after his fever broke yesterday.

To keep him upright, we re-purposed his infant bathtub into a mini-bed, because of the incline to help him breathe. He wasn't into his bouncer or swing and this was the perfect solution.

We haven't been out since Friday, which means Thomas and I missed Jonathan becoming a godfather yesterday! Baby Gabriel, son of Jonathan's best man Adam, was baptized at Sacred Heart. Jonathan was there for his birth, and it is such a sweet bond between them. So happy for him. ♥

Thomas is chilling in his tub right now. Babbling and snarfling all at the same time. Looking forward to sunshine today and clear blue skies!


tanya jose said...

poor baby!! Rylie also has a case of the sniffles & i can't tell whether its a cold or allergies. awesome idea for a temporary bed, i may have to try that!! :)

Unknown said...

:) good idea with the tub!!! you're a good mommy...

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