Sunday, March 1, 2009

Showered on the farm...

Yesterday, Alisa and Sandi threw Thomas a 'shower on the farm'...with Thomas's extended family and friends from Rainier. It was so much fun to see everyone -- from the Hawaiians to Thomas's great-great-auntie Irene to the Hicks family to those who knew Jonathan as he was growing up.

Thomas is lucky in having his extended family so close - that's something I knew growing up in a very limited way. As most of my extended family is in Iowa, we don't get the chance to be able to spend time together easily...but here on the farm, most of the family is spread out over 275ish acres here.

After the guests left, we pulled the 'four generations' of Sprouffskes in for a photo...mind you, one generation is entirely those who married in, but Sprouffskes nonetheless.

Left to right (and their relation to Thomas):
Aunt Heidi (holding Thomas and wife of Kevin, Jonathan's cousin and best man), Mommy, Great-Great Auntie Irene (the sister of Thomas's great grandmother, Ethel Faye), Aunt Alisa (wife of Darren, Jonathan's cousin and mother to our ring bearer), Great Auntie Sandi (wife of Jerry, the brother of Thomas's grandfather Lawrence), Great Auntie Karen and Great Auntie Nancy (sisters of Thomas's grandfather Lawrence).

We laugh because there is a giant family reunion weekend in August every year where you get colored nametags to show you which part of the family you belong to. The running joke is that those who marry into the family are simply referred to as "Wife of" I would be Shelley Sprouffske, Wife of Jonathan. And that's it. Nothing more.

Thomas, however, will have his whole lineage he'll have 7ish names on there. It will start with Thomas Sprouffske, Son of Jonathan Sprouffske, who is Son of Lawrence Sprouffske and so on back to Alex Sprouffske. All in a neat row. Filling up a nametag that will probably be bigger than him.

We are so lucky to have such great family here...and I love that Thomas knows how much he is loved by them. I can't wait for him to grow older and get to know them. They've adopted me in, and I love it. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Jenn & Noah said...

I'm SOOOO bummed that Kealani and I were too sick to come. =( Sounds like you had a good time -- I'm so glad. I was thinkin' of you guys!

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