Friday, February 27, 2009

A Friday Faux Hawk

We're all happy it's Friday!

Lots of random thoughts today...
  • The fabulous image of Thomas with ashes on his head was taken by my husband. He now wants a raise because I neglected that tidbit of information.
  • We got the best night of sleep on Wednesday months. Jonathan laid Thomas to bed, and he slept for six hours in a row. Heavenly.
  • We survived the first power outage with the Wee Ski last night...he was silent when everything went dark. Was extremely grateful for the 3 pack of LED nightlights that I found at Costco ($17!). They're great for changing him in the middle of the night. The bonus? When the power goes out, they automatically illuminate and also turn into flashlights that you pull out of the wall. We immediately saw the lights turn on in the bathroom, and could go grab them instead of hunting down flashlights in the dark.
  • Very excited to fly to Iowa next week. Can't wait for Thomas to meet his great grandma and great grandpa...and lots of extended family from both Mom's side and hopefully some Sprouffskes in there too!
  • I love how LOST is unfolding. Love it.
  • I am not as in love with DISH Network, who still has not resolved their differences with we do not get ABC at home. Nonetheless, Thomas and I are enjoying bonding over the laptop while catching up on the episodes the next day. See below. My trusty BlackBerry caught this moment, as Thomas and I were debating whether Ben Linus or Charles Widmore is the evil one.

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Anonymous said...

We have those flashlights too and love them!

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