Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Happies

In no particular order...

  • Thomas earned his flying wings with four separate flights.
    He was a champ - even when the flights were full, when he was tired, when we were tired. Here he is above, with his new handmade taggie blanket from his great-great Auntie Pat from Ames, Iowa. Perfectly sized for his car seat. Love it!
  • My amazing husband.
    I came home to a house with two newly groomed doggies who had beautiful short haircuts. I found an empty dishwasher, folded clothes, boxes sorted and nearly everything on my "honey do" list crossed off. The best bonus surprise? Read on...
  • Thomas's bedroom has long been full of things. It is less full of things now.
    When I say "full", I mean really full. It's Jonathan's room from when he was growing up. He's been working on cleaning out the room for Thomas -- which he has been making great progress on -- but we have a few large items that prohibit a crib from moving in. Doesn't every nursery have a full size punching bag, treadmill and piano in it? When I came home, a giant space was cleared in the garage, and the punching bag was making progress towards the garage. It was grand.
  • A great week with family.
    Going through the photos makes me happy. Being able to spend time with Thomas and our extended family (on both sides) was a huge blessing.
  • Surprises in the mail.
    Coming home to a collection of magazines (always good when you're nursing), mail, cards, a new return address stamp from Lettergirl (who does amazing work!) and a stack of newspapers.
  • Finding Jonathan and the Wee Ski cuddled up together.
    This week apart was hard on both of us -- but especially Jonathan since he got to hear about everything we were doing, instead of being there for it. He cozied up with Thomas and told him about his week...when I came back, Thomas was sound asleep in his papa's arms.

Looking forward to Thomas's 2 month appointment tomorrow, and getting settled in back at home.

Maybe with Serenity Now tea from Gong Fu Tea.

It's good to travel, but it's great to be home. ♥

1 comment:

KCina said...

Glad you & Thomas had such a wonderful trip. I think flight travel with itty babies is the figure out things early on that do prepare you for what NOT to do on future flights!

Glad you are home safe & sound!

~ Kathy

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