Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In the fields

A first for us...thanks to Daylight Savings Time. It's now light enough in the evenings to walk the tree fields after dinner all together. Running the energy out of the dogs and calming the Wee Ski down before bed.

Know what my favorite part of the walk was?

Yes, it's the photographer nerd in me.

It's the first time I saw the sweet light, the light as the sun is setting, in my baby boy's eyes. We've been inside so much because of the cold which is never the sweet light...and this was such a bonus.

And how sweet do the pups look with their new haircuts?

Jonathan calls this "DOGZILLA". Super fast and strong...and big. Well, big next to the baby noble firs.

And my favorite squeeze with my favorite wee squeezy-face.


Elizabeth Ann said...

you guys logging those walks on the challenge?
I thought not.
Multi task!

Jenn & Noah said...

oh my goodness his eyes are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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