Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Wee O'Newborns

Valentine's is as good as any other day for the Wee Ski and the Wee DeWeese to make their first road trip to an Irish pub. While they definitely won't pass for 21 years old (at a whopping 37 days old for Thomas and 10 days old for Daniel), they fit right in. In fact, surprisingly, they were much quieter than their parents. :)

John and Kate were there for us the first day we took Thomas out to eat a few weeks ago...unsure if he would scream the whole time...or if we would.

Kate was 11 days away from giving birth to Daniel at the time.

And now they are both out in the world.

Here's the close up of the two little boys in front of Paddy Coynes...because really, as Jonathan reminded us, that's who everyone wants to see. Not the adults, just the babies.

I ♥ Daniel's red hair. It rocks.

And it should be noted that this will probably be the only time in their lives they are around a pub, both fast asleep. :)

And the proud papas with their boys...

Can't wait to see these two grow up around each other!

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