Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 of 12: The Home Edition

Life is much different than last month's 12 of 12: The Special Delivery Edition!

Thank God!

We are settled in at home, with Thomas just over a month old now. The day began early...filled with the Wee Ski and the pups. To give Papa a full night's rest, we moved out to the living room in the middle of the night so our 'up and down' wouldn't keep him up too.

4:18 am • Maggie, on her early morning inspection of the Wee Ski

4:47 am • Still chilling in his swing, with his "I ♥ HUGS" sleeper. Seriously, how can you not love hugs after seeing this?

5:38 am • Hello, I am Viper. I used to be the baby of the house until you came. I don't hate you as much as I used to, but I still don't like you. You should go back to where you came from. I follow you everywhere now, and I give you the small-dog death stare when you sleep.

6:30 am • Sleeping soundly in his pack and play.

7:12 am • Sunrise on the farm. Crisp and cold. No snow last night, but a good deal of frost.

8:36 am • Another nap. Seriously, this is the life. To be one month old again.

10:35 am • There are times that I fall asleep with my arm in the air. I'm exceptionally proud that my son does the same thing. This is nap #5 for the day.

11:05 am • This what peace + quiet looks like at the house. Maggie is asleep on the floor, Viper is asleep on the blanket on my lap, and Thomas is asleep on top of Viper. Murphy's Law says that the doorbell should ring on the TV right now, so that the dogs will valiantly protect the house. And yes, we are overrun by baby furniture. Who knew that something so small would take up so much space?

12:11 pm • Thomas's first valentine from Gramps Brownrice (and the Brownrice fam)! A special visit from Rich and Sandy today...

2:43 pm The Wee Ski, dressed in his little bear bunting on the road down to the mailboxes. He wasn't feeling the paparazzi though, and chose to snub the camera. He could be rebelling against being dressed like a little bear. Good thing we haven't tried out the sweater monkey yet. Oh, and I chopped my hair a few weeks ago. It is good.

3:44 pm • Viper, again. Don't let her innocent gaze fool you. It also says, "Sucker. You're going to need the Spot Bot because I not only made a mess in Thomas's room, but I tracked it all over as well. A gift from me to you!"

4:30 pm • The Wee wide awake. Note that this is normally followed by a big scream. Here's your warning sign.


Anonymous said...

Oh those were great! He's so stinkin cute!

And I love your hair :-)

Scooter said...


Beautiful, beautiful pix.

Jenn & Noah said...

He's such a doll! And I have to say your new hair cut is AMAZING on you! I totally love it!

Dogeared said...

Aww, I'm happy everyone's home safe and sound now, I remember your other 12 of 12! you got some beautiful photos here, I love the sunset one, and the Grandad/Thomas one.

Sorry I'm late - I got distracted from commenting on the later 12s, then thought I'd finished and then realised I hadn't!

Helen (Dogeared)

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