Saturday, February 7, 2009

A quiet evening...

...after a day or two that looked just like this.

Thomas visited the pediatrician not once, but twice this week...and he's not scheduled to go back until his two-month checkup! Yesterday's appointment was what resulted in the face above last night...

It's the appointment where little boys go to become men.

He was a champ during the actual surgery. I was able hold his hand, rub his ears and talk him through it, dipping his pucky (Jonathan Sprouffskesean for "pacifier") in sugar water and keeping him comfortable. He slept soundly during the afternoon and woke up last evening screaming. I don't blame him...I'm just glad that he is too young to know what's going on!

Infant Tylenol helped his pain, and he did much better today.

It's a rare quiet moment tonight...Jonathan had the Relay For Life kickoff for Thurston County (of which he's the advocacy chair), I had a photo shoot this afternoon, we watched Fireproof tonight, and both Jonathan and the Wee Ski are now sound asleep. The big dog is in the bedroom, the little dog sleeping behind my back in the office chair.

I made some progress on the baby's room, began editing today's shoot, started Thomas's one month letter and scrap pages, and am soaking in a little Rockabye lullaby goodness. In tonight's playlist? Just Like Heaven from the Cure, Thunderstruck from AC/DC, You Can't Always Get What You Want by the Rolling Stones, and With or Without You by U2.

Very peaceful, indeed.

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