Sunday, February 8, 2009

Celebrating One Month

Thomas turns one month old today.

I decided to do two things each month - especially for his first year - to help chronicle our journey. I can't beleive there are already things about his life that I'm forgetting. That's probably par for the course in the life of a (new) mom -- and these are moments I definitely don't want to forget.

The first is above - a letter written to him about the immediate past month. How he's changing, growing, what I remember...before it escapes my mind forever.

The second uses "The Story of Today" from Designer Digitals - right where he's at on that day. As Thomas was (unluckily, I'm sure he'll believe someday) born to a photographer, I'll capture a few shots from that day, and then pull it together in a layout with what's happening with him on that day.

Here's an example of "The Story of Today" from the day he was born.

The letter is written for his benefit...and the Story of Today is made for we can see his life, month by month, as he grows.

As always, click on the pages to see the journaling up close.

For the details:

His one month letter
The template is from Grid No. 02 Layered Templates by Ali Edwards, papers from The Photo Shoot by Christy Lyle, and "mommy" is my handwriting converted to a Photoshop Brush.

The Story of Today •
The template is from the Bread + Butter Layered Template Set, with The Story of Today Overlays. All the photos in this layout were taken by my fabulous husband and freelance photographer, Jonathan, when I was in the recovery room following his birth.

As a side note, how much does he know and love me? When the nurses offered to have him cut Thomas's umbilical cord, he said he would rather they cut it and he shot it with my camera, so I could see it later. He captured all the details I would have wanted - the cutting of the cord, his little feet and hands, Thomas's official weight on the scale, and laid out in his crib in the Special Care Nursery. Thank you, sweetheart, you were able to bring this part of his birth to me. I love you.


KCina said...

Happy first month you guys!

Shelley you are SO smart to be documenting everything...the first year of Charlie's life is a blur (even with the bloggin')!

Take care,
~ Kathy

Jenn & Noah said...

First of all those pages look AMAZING! Second of all, your letter made me cry -- I can so relate! We are SO blessed to be Mothers, aren't we? And thirdly, you have such an incredible husband -- that is awesome that he was so thoughtful about taking those pictures knowing that you would want to see the things going on that you weren't able to see then. Wow, what a wonderful family you all are. I enjoy seeing the updates. We love you guys! =)

Nancy E said...

Wow - just catching up on your blog.... love the header! Thomas is so beautiful! I admire your scrapbooking.... I have a hard copy one for schuyler too. It is truly a treasure. Sending you all love from the EAST!

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