Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow blows.

By the end of last night, Jonathan and I were one nut short of the crazy house. It's one thing when you choose to have a day at home, do nothing...but completely different when you have no choice in the decision!

So this morning when the snow was six inches deep and I decided to wait until daylight to leave for work (instead of at 5 like normal), I almost lost my mind when the snow started falling again.

From the front porch this morning --

Maggie showing Viper that there is no water to be had in their metal water dish. Just snow.

Viper, after two minutes, deciding she'd had enough. Trust me, Viper, I feel you.

The absolutely beautiful Father Christmas that Kathie made for us...we snuck him outside for thirty seconds for an appropriate snow laden image...everything that's inside his bag is just for us...down to the small plastic camera tucked near his heart. :)

And the silver nativity scene, flanked by the lights of the newly decorated Christmas tree.

We're heading out in a few to test the roads. Wish us luck.

1 comment:

Maureen said...

it was quite the hassle for tacoma schools today. Oh well, there's a reason for everything right...I just need to figure out what it was! :)

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