Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Off the road again...

At five a.m., I learned that the Camry is great in the snow, except when you hit corners at 15 mph and slide. The hybrid turned around and headed home. We just weren't ready for an airbag to coax Angus out of the womb.

A little later, we were home, safe and sound...but incredibly frustrated at not being able to get out of the house. Can't check things off the list at the office, can't get to Costco on the way home for dinner this weekend, and can't get to the doc's office for Angus's stress test.

But, Angus and I are in one piece. At least until he's born. And the snow literally hasn't let up all day. Maggie, even with her coat cut down, is still completely content sitting on the deck, sleeping and eating snowflakes. Viper won't go outside for too long, even with her fleece on.

The bright side? I did get three interviews for the Training Task Force done with Linda B today. Those were checked off my list. And finished the tree in the living room...which is beautiful with the handmade ornaments from the sisters. It deserves a post all its own. And cleaned out the fridge and freezers to make room for the awesome Christmas gift from Shelly G, a dozen dinners from Dinners Done Right for after Angus arrives. Nearly done editing for Finian Road, and watched last night's NCIS that I fell asleep to...which had tears in my eyes by the end.

It really is beautiful out here in the snow...hard to believe at this time next year, there will be a little almost-one-year-old all decked out to chase snowflakes.

...but here's hoping that the snow lets up so I can get north tomorrow!

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