Sunday, December 7, 2008

A quiet afternoon.

Just what I needed.

Yesterday capped a long week...and by the time Jonathan and I got home last night, we were asleep within about 20 minutes.

I'm just now entering maternity leave from Finian Road -- so last weekend was the mad dash to finish up a number of outstanding projects and shoots (six alone from November!), as well as finalizing all the Christmas card design orders and sending them to print.

At the same time, on the Relay For Life front, we are in the midst of selecting the newest members for the Great West Division's Training Task Force for 2009. The deadline for applications was December 1st. With only two open staff positions and four open volunteer positions...and an incredible wealth of talent that's applied...the selection process is a bit challenging. It truly is a fantastic problem to have! Linda B and I have two more weeks of interviews, with the final new additions to the team to be announced by Christmas. And this is trusting that Angus doesn't make an early arrival. :)

When it's all said and done, we will have 15 members from across the division, coming together as a team for the first time in February 2009 in Seattle. The hardest mental adjustment? We will be planning for the 2010 Relay season...the Leadership Summit, Relay U's and supplemental trainings for life beyond Relay @ 25.

I slowed down a bit mid-week when I needed to, to keep Angus healthy. He passed his stress test on Wednesday with flying colors, which was a huge relief to me. :)

Jonathan and I took downtime on Friday night together, before the Tree Shindig on Saturday. It truly is my favorite new tradition...welcoming our friends and fam down to the farm to find their trees and for an open house. It was absolutely beautiful - nearly 60°. As more than 100 of our loved ones showed up throughout the day to the open house, I was so grateful that the weather held. I'm just imagining what it would have looked like if it was pouring like it did today!

The shot above is one of the last from the day -- of a few of the estrogen militia who came down and were my saving grace at the end of the day when I needed to eat and sit. Love you guys!!

We finished the evening with the holiday party for Jonathan's firm at Indian Summer in Lacey. I hadn't seen most everyone since Relay this it was so much fun to catch up.

Doc headed to the Seahawks game this afternoon. A tough I'm afraid that our Seahawks tree didn't send them enough mojo to power through against the Patriots.

I ran about six loads of wash, cleaned up from the shindig, and rested throughout. It was just what was needed. The dogs slept most of the day, and recovered from being the holiday greeters at the house.

And what I love the most? The majority of "stuff that needs to get done" is already done. Christmas cards dropped last week, the trees are up, the house is decorated and clean...we're just focusing on the baby's room over the next few weeks...and getting to enjoy our last Advent season with the two of us.

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Jeni said...

I am so glad you had a beautiful winter day for the tree shindig... I was in Cali for a conference, but promptly told Jeremy to get a tree while I am gone...

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