Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from the farm...

A snowy white Christmas...but it's melting! Happy dances for all!

Jonathan and I didn't make it north for my family's Christmas eve celebration because of the snow falling all day long yesterday, but are looking forward to seeing them over the weekend.

We spent our first married Christmas together with new-ish traditions. For years, I've been begging Mom to reconsider Christmas day Mass (which she loves) for Christmas eve Mass (which I love, and grew up with). Jonathan was game for either - so we took in Mass last night at St. Columban - sat behind a young family with four boys. A little taste of what's ahead, I suppose!

The Mass was beautiful - much smaller than St. Charles, but just enough to bring tears to my eyes. So grateful to be able to spend this holiday with Jonathan, to remind us just how blessed we are in so many ways. God's given us so much in this last year, but most of all each other...and a firstborn son to come in the next few weeks.

Speaking of that newborn son, decided that at 38 weeks pregnant, someone else could cook. After Mass, we headed to Casa Mia for dinner - our gift to each other. On the way home, I sang "Let it Snow" as we fishtailed down Finian towards home. I still do not impress my husband with my singing. He turned off the radio, but thankfully, I know the words. I didn't let him down.

It snowed about two more inches last night...bringing our 9 day total to about 2 and a half feet.

I woke up early to a surprise in the living room -- Jonathan had stayed up until 1 am putting together Angus's bassinet. I was so excited! He said it gave him practice for when I'll find things that come in 1000 pieces and he's expected to put them together on future Christmas eves.

Spent today with the Sprouffskes up on the hillside - opening presents, shared an awesome ham lunch/dinner, and plenty of leftovers to go around. Auntie Sandi sent us home with enough baked goods from her and Auntie Karen that we will probably still be eating them in the delivery room!

We really are blessed with incredible family and friends...this year has been an unconventional Christmas season...but the little joys throughout always bring it all together.

Looking forward to a normal day tomorrow - my first venture north to the office in some time. I'll have the as long as I can make it to I-5, I'm good to go!

From us...Merry Christmas! May your Christmas season and new year be blessed!


KCina said...

Awesome photo of you guys! Dang, you are so good Shellie!!!

Enjoy these last days of just you, Jonathan and the puppies...little Angus is coming as you know it has only just begun!!!

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Do you know how absolutely beautiful you are? I mean you are one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have ever seen!!! I know that healthwise, the pregancy hasnt always agreed with you, but holy smokes woman, you are positively glowing. I cannot wait to see what motherhood does to you! Hang in there in these last few days.....I hope I get to meeting baby soon you! Kat

Anonymous said...

Oh Shelley! You look so darn cute!!! I miss you and I hope you both had a fabulous Christmas. Love Ya! Christina

Keana C. said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. Your stories are so fun and entertaining.

Shelley, you are beautiful pregnant. Enjoy your last couple days with the pregnancy (if you can) =). I know its not the most comfortable time of being swollen and ready to pop!

Josh and I hope to meet up with you guys soon. Happy Holidays!


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