Monday, December 22, 2008

A little bit of cabin fever randomness...

In no particular order...

  • It has now been six days since I have been outside of Thurston County.
  • The snow has finally stopped falling, though the driveway has nearly two feet of snow.
  • It's a really big adventure to check the mailbox for mail and the paper box for the Olympian. Every trek has been unsuccessful. We haven't had the mail or paper since Saturday, and Jonathan said it looked like no one had even driven down our road today at all.
  • I have really terrible taste in Netflix movies. Somehow, I think that just because I CAN order any movie that comes to mind, that I SHOULD order it. That said, we watched RV last night with Robin Williams. It was pretty funny...especially after our own cabin fever had set in.
  • What I would give for fresh fruit.
  • It feels a little bit like our honeymoon - except we're trapped by snow and not rain. Thank God there's no dysentery!!
  • I have been sleeping really hard at night...with my muscles sore in the morning because I hardly move all night. Except that my snoring has evidently gotten worse...Jonathan recorded my beautiful musical sounds when it would wake him up, and plays them for me in the morning.
  • Surprisingly, my blood pressure has dropped dramatically in the last few days...which is a nice benefit with Angus's pending arrival in less than 14 days. And also because the baby doc's office is essentially closed all this week.
  • Jonathan's been an incredible husband...he drove me into Olympia for the doc appt last Friday, hasn't complained about the number of lights that I leave on (everywhere) and the number of cups I use all throughout the house. You can usually find me through my trail of lights or half-consumed beverages.
  • We broke out the board games last night, only to have the power go out about halfway into our game. Knowing how cold it was going to get, we bundled up the dogs and threw a couple extra blankets on. Thankfully, we woke up and knew that the power was back on. It probably had to do with every light that I left on.
  • We learned that we are very particular about what networks we watch -- I've always watched King 5 for the weather news, Jonathan's watched Fox. You would not believe how this little thing can cause friction when you only have one satellite box!
  • This post from Testosterhome was an excellent read over the weekend, when I realized that most of our Christmas plans were probably going to be all jacked up.
  • We have eaten through most of our leftovers. And I have a newfound addiction to cottage cheese with honey and cinnamon. Don't knock it until you try it.
  • The other night, I commented that my nine months pregnant belly button looked like Mt. St. Helens. Jonathan's response? "Before or after the eruption?" My response? "Does it really matter?"
  • Wednesday is our D-Day. Whether or not we leave the house by car or on foot or in labor, we are leaving somehow. To go somewhere. Anywhere.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Sounds like you are having alot of "fun" at home...awww...that is tough!

Hang in there and know that Ellie, Vic, Gracie and I will be thinking of you guys! I sent my parcel to you on might arrive after Christmas but at least it will be there :)

I miss you and your funny faces Shell! Hugs and luvs and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

PS - aren't husbands the best? I love mine soooo much!

Pls say Merry Christmas to Michael and Kristine and your parents too!

xo Helen

Amelia said...

Hi SHelley! God bless you this Merry Christmas and as you wait anxiously for the arrival of your son!! EXCITING!! Oh and the cottage cheese idea is a great one...walnuts and cranberries added to that are great too! :)

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