Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A little wisdom for this day...

When it comes to packing, I am the worst kind of procrastinator. I normally sleep very little the night before going anywhere, so I can sleep on the way. (Which, incidentally, is more effective when I am NOT driving to my destination!)

So tonight, as I should be packing, I was going through a box of stuff from Jonathan's mom, Mary. There were two things that stood out to me. One was a letter written to Jonathan when he was six years old. The other was "Daily Wisdom For Women", a daily devotional that Mary kept.

Given that yesterday's election results were about as far as possible from what I had hoped for...there were two excerpts that I found a good deal of comfort in.

From the Daily Wisdom for today...

November 5th

When we're in the midst of a crisis, God's reassurance means more to us. For this reason, the message of hope which Zechariah now received uplifted his soul. (Zechariah 2: 4-5)

...At a time when only a remnant of Israel had returned to Jerusalem, the Lord is promising that at a future time they will become a great nation, having grown so large that conventional walls will be obsolete. Zechariah is being told that someday in the future walls won't be necessary and the Lord will be a ring of fire around the city.

The prayer for the day - How grateful I am, Lord, to know that Your might and unlimited power protect Israel. How magnificent you are!

From the letter to Jonathan, from Mary. It was a letter written for writing class, using only one syllable words. It was written around the time of her father's death, who was Jonathan's grandpa...

April 1989

Jonathan, my son,

You brought such joy when you came into our lives just six short years ago.

You have taught us how to see each speck of life through your eyes ... We dream our days full of sun will be for all time. Such joys should not end.

But, my son, that is not meant to be. The storm is near. The sun does not shine on this day for us. We now see times of pain and loss. I want you to know the hurt we feel is also a part of life. We must learn to live with pain as we live with our joys.

... You are so quick to grasp what is right and true and fun. Now you must also take what is hard to bear and see that life does not end when storms come. Haven't you seen that all things in life need both sun and rain storms to grow strong?

Yes, pain is real. Pain is hard to bear. You can't flee from it. At some point in life, you must face it. So let's learn now to face each storm; to meet each test of our strength. Let's be strong and know that our lives will go on.

Most of all, know that we will love you for all time. Our love for you will not end with death. Yes, my son, the sun will shine bright for us once more. I do not know when, but I know it will.

I suppose it seems like these words could be written for so many reasons right now. And yet they are still as true as they were nearly 20 years ago.

As we look ahead to the new leadership that will be guiding our country in the new year, let's keep them in our prayers as they embrace the challenges that come...and for God's protection throughout.

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Noreen said...

What an amazing post, Shelley. Thank you for sharing. It is profound beyond measure.

My nephew, Peter, kept saying on election night, "Obama can't win. I have been praying all day that McCain would win!" I told him that God always answers our prayers, even when we can't see it in the moment. He brings good out of things we could only see as bad. I have confidence that our prayers will be answered. As my mom would say, "We can't just pray for what we want. Always pray for what is right." She's so smart. I cannot wait to see how God makes us joyful.

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