Sunday, November 9, 2008

Aloha from the islands...

We are three days into our second honeymoon...and it's just what the doctor ordered. :)

Jonathan and Dad are up at the Rusty Harpoon, watching the Seahawks game, Mom's down at the pool, and I'm heading there in a few.

It's been the best combination of sunshine, sleep, swimming and rest. Angus is loving it.

By today, we've already had 300% more sunshine than we did on our first honeymoon in January. And there's no sickness from bad water. What more do you need?

Plans for the day? Finish my book (the Bourne Betrayal), sleep (without the book on my leg like yesterday, causing a sweet pale suntan line in the shape of a box), and we're BBQing it up tonight on the grill.

Good stuff.

Just a few pics...

How much do I love this shot?

And a quick self portrait...


Unknown said...

Enjoy yourselves!!! Get some rest and sunshine and all that good stuff.

We missed you at our Table 10 reunion last night.

Randy, Robin, Tyler and Tanner said...

we are soo jealous, just wanted you all to know!!

KCina said...

FUN!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for shots of that maternity suit... lol... Lindsay

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