Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday happies

Getting super excited for this weekend. Got the final green light from the baby doc to travel tomorrow and in two weeks for a babymoon (read: second honeymoon, but this time without the runs)...was a little worried as things have been complicated over the past few weeks. Yea!

Heading to St. Louis tomorrow for a national focus group on fundraising for Relay For's my first time officially as part of the National Training Team, since Angus sidelined me from the national summit this summer. There's a fantastic group of peeps that will be there from all across the US, and I can't wait!

Speaking of Relay, there's a great piece in the latest edition of Newsweek. Written by a survivor of a "man-area cancer" who also happens to be an editor at the's the story of his experience with Relay For Life. You really need to read it.

Click here • "I Had a Legitimate Cancer"

And while we're talking about survivors, I really love the pic above, from the Thurston Relay this summer. How can you not want to scoop up little cancer survivors in your arms?!?

And one last thing about pics and Relay...I have a great surprise for my estrogen militia pal, Kili. But since it's not in the mail to her yet...I'll save it for the blog after she blogs it!

Pretty addicted to this song by Yael Naim: New Soul. Makes me happy when thinking of Angus as he's kicking me over and over and over and over and over. And over again.

Checked in for my flight and started packing.

The fridge is full of "wife-out-of-town man food": BBQ chicken sandwiches, Doc's favorite soups, corn dogs, veggies, lunches for Thursday and Friday, and apple dumplings as a surprise.

Need to finish the wash and finish a few more photo editing projects before heading to bed.

Just before getting the dumplings out of the oven.

Serious apple cinnamon goodness. :)

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kilipohi said...

So what do I get?!?!?! Huh?!?!!? You are so not fair to play like that. Tease me and then leave town..I see how you are!!! I guess I will have to wait, just like everyone else.

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