Sunday, October 26, 2008

Prayers, please...

Finished up a great weekend at the Relay For Life Specialty Meeting on Fundraising in St. Louis...loved every moment. {More on that later...}

As we were finishing the last of the wrap ups today with the NLTT, I got a phone message from Mom. It said that Grandpa had just arrived into the emergency room in Des Moines. My flight back to Seattle was scheduled for three hours later...but thanks to my Relay angels and Jonathan, I found myself making my way up to Des Moines instead.

Flights weren't working out (especially at 7 months pregnant), so I drove 5ish hours from St. Louis to Des Moines and was able to get to Mercy Hospital to see Grandpa. Lots of prayers and life/big picture thoughts on the drive...especially as Angus rolled over to remind me that he was still there.

They had moved him to Intensive Care from the ER before I arrived.

At this point, he has pneumonia and is on a ventilator. He's stable for the night, and we'll find the results of his blood tests in the morning.

We're praying for God's will in this...that if it is that he is supposed to recover, that he finds the strength to do so.

And if it's his time to go home...that he does so with peace. And that Grandma is comforted throughout this time.

I'll be here for a few days, or until Mom makes it out from the northwest.

If you wouldn't mind keeping him in your prayers, we would appreciate it.

[Updated on Monday at 12:15 pm]
Thank you for your prayers! This morning, they took him off the ventilator and removed his feeding tube. First things he asked about? Who won the game last night...and can he watch it tonight?

It was so good to see him, smiling and laughing. His blood pressure was back to normal from 90/50 yesterday. I spent last night at Grandma's with her and Aunt grateful for this time together. So glad I happened to be in the midwest.

I'm staying until Wednesday morning, and Mom will fly in that afternoon.

Thank you, from my heart, for your prayers. ♥


Unknown said...

You got it, my friend. Much love being sent to you in Iowa.

KCina said...

Sending you & your family lots of prayers and hugs!!! ;-)
~ Kathy

K. Conley said...

I was oddly called to read your blog first thing this morning. It must be so that I can add my prayers to those being lifted up for your grandpa and your family. - Karen in Issaquah

Anonymous said...

I be praying for continued recovery. Love you! - Kat

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