Sunday, October 5, 2008

Overheard this weekend...

Me: "I think I'll put on some perfume today for the long day out to the coast. I think I'll go for 'Falling in Love'."
Jonathan: "Are you all out of 'Crazy Hormonal Pregnant Woman'?"

Jonathan: "Can I have a giant inflatable purple gorilla for the backyard?"
Me: "What?"
Jonathan: "And a giant inflatable ice cream cone to go with it?"

[ This must be what happens when Jonathan is playing "I spy" on I-5. ]

Me: "Will you feed Maggie her pills tonight, Doc? I'm really tired."

After a long period of whining that he's not good at making mini sandwiches (which is how we get her to take the antibiotics) and I'm a much better pill feeder...this is the final response I get...

Jonathan: "It's gotta be done. I don't want to do it. So do it."

After I stop laughing, "I see your skills of persuasion are a little rusty."

1 comment:

foxmulder said...

Shelley, how can you be out of "Crazy Hormonal Pregnat Woman"? I bought you two bottles at the Anniversary Sale.

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