Friday, October 3, 2008

Mmmm. Friday.

Jonathan is sound asleep right now, nursing a cold that's been setting in over the past few days.

No better reason to stop by Infinite Soups to pick up some fresh chicken noodle soup (for him) and garlic clam chowder (for me). I showed up an hour after they opened, and they were already out of tomato gorgonzola. That's the second time it's thinks that might be my autumn search of the perfect tomato soup.

Off to edit photos, prep for tomorrow's mini shoots, and the Relay For Life retreat out on the coast.

All cozied up inside, with slippers and away from the pouring rain.

The makings of a perfect October weekend.

1 comment:

kilipohi said...

Boo! I want to be with you and not at work, although I am done with work now. I would much rather be home on a day like this. I am going to hang out with my niece this weekend. She is on her way over! Yeah!!!!

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