Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Relay's in the air...

A few weeks ago, we had the Thurston County Relay For Life wrap up. Jonathan, Chris Meserve, and I attended on behalf of Team Connolly, Tacon and Meserve...where we were officially awarded first place with $22,441.77 raised. Not bad for a first year team, eh? :)

We celebrated with the Loopholes, who raised $19,354.10. Jonathan and I adore Steve and Gayle, their captains...true Relayers in every sense of the word. We're going to meet up over this upcoming weekend at the Relay Committee BBQ, where the top 5 teams have been invited to celebrate and look ahead to 2009.

Speaking of looking we raised more than $20,000 (with a $1200+ team member average), Jonathan's been invited to the Leadership Summit in Reno in September as a top team captain from the Great West Division. He's going to get to meet some of the top fundraisers in the division, as well as people that I talk about all the he can put faces to names!

I'm so excited for him to see all that happens at Summit. I think I surprised him when I told him that I signed him up to speak as a Top Fundraiser during the breakouts on Saturday. I figured that he should have no problem presenting, because he's a great Relayer, and well...his wife wrote the workshop training guide!

Plus, when you have been awarded a "Certificate of Excellence in the Performance of Potty Patrol", you really achieve a high status in the world of Relay. See the actual photo below of our team's achievement. He and Chuck had the 4 a.m. shift of cleaning the port-a-potties at Relay...where they made a superhero team. Jonathan would throw open the door of each port-a-potty, Chuck (wearing his headlamp for safety) would do a cleaning check, they'd restock each one, and move on. I believe they took Potty Patrol to the next level at Thurston. :)

Speaking of Summit, I received the master list of presenters for the Leadership Summit in September...and I am assigned to present with Bob MacKay! He and Brian chaired the Relay National Advisory Team together, and he was one of the national peeps who attended the event that Brian and I chaired in 2004, for the 20th anniversary of Relay For Life. I learned so much from the two of them throughout the year - and I can't wait to meet up with him in Reno for our workshops. It's really hard to believe that we are now preparing for Relay@25 - the 25th Anniversary of Relay For Life in 2009.

We're scheduled to facilitate Friday's Event Chair track for the Top Events in the Division -- Relays raising $150,000 or more. It's an awesome group to work with. We're also scheduled to facilitate a set of fundraising breakouts on Saturday as well. I nominated Debbie Duncan (co-captain extraordinaire from our days as Team Merrill's captains) to present...and I am so excited for her to lead a set of fundraising breakouts on Saturday as well.

Looking through my photo archives...I found this photo from 2004, the 20th Anniversary...the last Relay held at the Stadium Bowl.

From my memory (which is now pregnancy-affected)...left-to-right:

Top Row
Bob MacKay (who I'm presenting with), someone whose name escapes me now...(Nancy? Pat? Can you help?) and Reuel Johnson's daughters and wife
Middle Row
Phylecia Wilson (from the Gwinnett Relay), Reuel Johnson, Andy Huff, and Steve Pressley
Front Row
Yours truly, Wendy Moran, Judy Reichling, and Brian Marlow

Our Team Merrill theme was "bullish on a cure" with a western theme...hence, the fabulous looking cowboy hat on my head. :)

So excited for the Leadership Summit.

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Nancy E said...

Pregnancy affected brain - - hahaha! That is Kaz - better known as "Farmer Kaz" as he works his family strawberry farm in Southern California (One of our RAT team volunteers of the day!)

Be easy on Jonathin - - and bring plenty of purple kool-aid to the Relay Summit to get him in the mood! Congrats on rocking the fundraising levels as a first year team! LOVE YA!

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