Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sprouffske V1.0 - The Deets

A little taste of all that's been going through our minds...either due to questions or circumstances. :)

Why on earth are you referring to the baby as Angus?
Jonathan has always wanted a child (hopefully, just a son) named “Angus”. God only knows why. Shelley always told him any name he wanted could be in the running…as long as it was a saint’s name. Figuring they were safe from Angus as a permanent name, she gave him what he wanted, but only for nine months. Thus, Angus the Fetus came to be. And wouldn’t you know it…there is an Irish saint named St. Angus MacNisse, who was a bishop and founded the monastery at Kells. She really should have googled that first. Becky Bernards is holding out hope for a girl…so she won’t call the baby Angus. She calls the baby “Agnes”.

Speaking of google, what was the worst google search after finding out about Angus?
“Pregnancy” and “dog poop”
Never a combo you want to find together. But after a fun filled fattening treat adventure with Viper at Mom and Dad’s for Mother’s Day, Viper left many a gift all over the living room. While Shelley was reluctant to clean it up, Jonathan (thanks to the trusty help of Google) determined that not only was it safe for her to do so, it was fitting that she clean up after her dog.

Are you having a boy or a girl?
Too soon to tell. But yes, we will find out. Shelley is too much of a control freak not to.

When did you find out?
On our four-month wedding anniversary. We celebrated over macaroni and cheese.

When is Angus due?
On Grandma Karol’s birthday – January 4th. For tax reasons, Shelley’s hoping for December. Look for a baby pool which benefits the Relay For Life. You shouldn’t put it past us. We’re all about selling out for the cause.

Names that have already been veto’ed:

  • Alexander Samuel Sprouffske – The initials are just too much.
  • George Alexander Sprouffske – The initials are fitting for a child of ours, but no.
  • Sugna Oron Sprouffske – Only Jonathan could come up with this. Sugna (pronounced in Sprouffskesean as “Shug-na”) is Angus backwards. Oron is a Sprouffske family name. And when Shelley is in labor, Jonathan suggested that she loosely quote The Police and sing “I’m sending an SOS to the world”. Though quite brilliant, not going to happen.

We're excited. It's been an adventure so far - with some challenges to conquer and blessings to help ease the changes. More on those later. :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah... my hubby has been throwing the names Thor and Magnus around. C'mon baby girl!! :)

Randy, Robin, Tyler and Tanner said...

Okay, the thought of the guitarist on the cover of the AC/DC album may make me think you would be having a little devil, Angus Young of the ACDC.

Nancy E said...

I think Angelica or something sweet would be nice for a girl... Angus... hmmmm.. very strong, bold - not to be messed with name. It could work, do I get a vote? : )

Maureen said...

you guys are too stinkin' cute. :)

Anonymous said...

A good friend of Art's is named Angus... Angus - he is music guy at Assumption Cath Church in Bellingham... so Angus isn't SUCH a bad name! LOL. But Agnes is cute too - any name you choose will be wonderful, and the child will have to live with it the rest of his/her life - ah, sweet revenge! LOL!

God bless and keep us posted how the pregancy goes.

Oh, btw, I graduated and passed my RN nursing license - I'm an official RN!! Yay - start at the Emergency Dept of Evergreen in Kirkland on July 28th - very excited!

Love you both.

Kristina (and Art) Leonard

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Shelley.......I have not laughed so hard in SOOOO long. Those "nixed" baby names were hysterical! And the thing about hoping the baby comes in Dec for tax had me rolling. I'm so glad to see that you're doing well!

Our little bun in the oven is sure moving around a lot now and I'm officially growing round. We found out it's a little fun! :-) Congrats again, my fellow prego friend!

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