Friday, May 9, 2008

Of dog food and mole hunting

There are some days when it appears that Viper's life is in peril.

Like when she digs up a bone from outside, brings it in and onto the sofa, and starts chewing on it.

Still full of dirt.

She's been watching Maggie, whose personal mission over the past few weeks has been to rid the farm of moles. She'll hunt them, and run at lightning speed to to where they are, and she'll dig 18 inch deep holes in pursuit, her deepest nearly 3 feet. She'll then lay in wait for the next. We might rent her out as an excavator.

She and Maggie have a love/hate thing going with food and bones right now. A few weeks ago, Jonathan and I were upstairs. Viper was whining like crazy to for a certain box. When we moved it...we saw a perfectly stacked pile of dog food - stashed and hidden from Maggie. She's been taking dog food - piece by piece - upstairs and building her own disaster relief plan for when Maggie raids her food. They'll steal their bones and hide them all over the house and yard.

I remember this post, from March 2006, when I accidentally bought the regular chunk sized dog food at Costco. I never imagined that I would own a dog that would go through a giant bag of food in 2 months, much less two years.

The bone pictured above met an early demise.

Viper spent some quality time under the bed in a time out.

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