Monday, March 6, 2006

i love costco

that really isn't the whole point of this post, but it is a very true statement.

yesterday, spent an hour at the tacoma costco (which is twice as long as i normally spend there. big believer in 'have a list, grab the stuff and run before you spend $10,395.38 at the uber-huge warehouse'). viper was almost out of dog food, so i figured, "why not? it's iams, and it's cheap here!"

note to self:
(and yes, it seems like i've had a lot of those lately)
be sure you are buying the mini-chunks for your six pound dog.

i did not do that. i purchased 48 pounds of regular chunk size dog food.

why is that a problem?

these chunks are bigger than any of the treats i have ever given her. when she saw me pour the 48 pound bag into the bin in the pantry, she didn't see simply dog food. she almost had a heart attack from the excitement of 'treats for the rest of her life.' since that bin was poured, she has refused to eat the last dish of mini-chunks. she just sits by the bin, crying, begging, and trying to climb up it for her new treats. i have heard her paws trying to open the lower bins, in the hopes that they, too, hold 48 pounds of treats.

48 pounds will seriously last her all of her life. maybe even the dog after her. and she eats them one by one. chewing each piece up until it's small enough to digest. and at some point, she's going to be fed up with (heh, heh, that was punny) the big chunks, and refuse to eat those.

i seriously need to read the labels closer.

and yet, i still love costco.

brian f. has been reminding me to visit his brother's site, and the guy who sings the theme song on his brother's site, seriously has a post from last friday about costco. it's funny. read it.

and postscript to that...brian's brother, kevin sage, has the funniest parody of james blunt's 'beautiful' song. and anyone who has this for his answering machine...well, i'm smitten. :)

edited some more...
and postscript to the postscript...if you read the costco post above, then you'll really want to see the link for the actual picasso that is for sale at costco. i freaking love this store.

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kilipohi said...

costco does rule...check my site with a nod to it as well.

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