Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Bit of Saturday randoms...

Nothing spells "I love you" more than a freshly pressure washed driveway with "I ♥ U" etched into it. Today's been a big workday to prepare for the Estrogen Militia's arrival tonight for a night on the farm...lots of cleaning has happened over the past few days:

  • Jonathan's takeover of the upstairs continues - between the CTM Rummage for Relay (where a bunch of stuff has been donated) and our new family dumpster, a good deal of 'stuff' has left the house.
  • We have a path to his bed in his childhood bedroom. He cleaned stuff out, and I followed with the Dyson. All the blankets are in the dryer right now, and it has clean goodness written all over it.
  • The New Grill is on the deck - can't wait to use it. Kevin met Jonathan at Lowe's last night, and they brought it home. Tonight's intro fare will include burgers and veggies...
  • I cleaned out the kitchen and the living room - the mountain of wedding-ness is almost gone.
  • I finally moved some shelving into the garage to create a laundry center - so all our excess cleaning supplies and dog bones and stuff all found a home. Much like the laundry area that I used to have at my house.
  • Viper had had a big problem with Maggie stealing her food - when I fill Viper's bowl in the kitchen. Jonathan found a stack of dog food that Viper had been sneaking upstairs and hiding. She's a little doggie hoarder, she is.
  • This morning was an Anthony Michael Hall morning with a little Sixteen Candles and Weird Science. Very hot, very hot!

Off to finish the living room, to prepare for the Skii Wii Tournii tonight! :)


Maureen said...

Had great fun! :) Thanks so much for hosting!
Uhh, sorry Jon for winning. :) Told you I would!
We should get together again soon!

Miss Alice said...

ya'll are so cute!

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