Wednesday, March 12, 2008

wednesday happies

:: in no particular order, once again ::
  • homemade lasagna in the oven. the new double oven. it's a little piece of heaven on earth. only using 1/3 of the oven, and 1/3 of the energy.
  • finishing a ton of photo editing that i've had waiting for me.
  • a clean, uncluttered bedroom. thanks to an incredible effort by jonathan on sunday night, and me on monday night...we're down to 2 big piles. which seems large by most standards, but it 70% less than when i moved in.
  • breaking $900+ in raffle ticket sales so far for the finian road raffle to benefit the american cancer society. don't have yours yet? get your tickets here!
  • getting settled back in after encounter this past weekend. an awesome lenten experience with some pretty fabulous ladies.
  • while i really feel for his family, seeing eliot spitzer under fire is pretty flipping fabulous. more famously known for his attack on wall street (which was pretty aggravating), he is also known for being unbelievably pro-choice and anti-life and anti-catholic. and now he's known as a big fat hypocrite for prosecuting prostitution while employing it himself. want a few laughs? just read these.
  • heading to the old house mercantile shop tomorrow after reading kate's blog on fiestaware. we are tangerine lovers here on the farm. and yes, jonathan picked the color.
  • and finally, while downloading photos, finding the photo above on my memory card. evidently, jonathan thinks that i will forgive him for not making the bed in the morning, if he takes really cute pictures of my dog curled up in the unmade bed...and since he didn't want to disturb her, the bed goes unmade. :)
    (it should be noted that today, he did make the bed.)


Anonymous said...

Aw what a precious picture! :)
We missed you Saturday...Vickie and I have quite the guy story to tell you. Unless you've already heard it! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Elizabeth Ann said...

where are the kitchen/appliance photos?????

shelley said...

Heh heh - those photos will come as soon as all my computer stuff is moved to the office! :) Or maybe I'll give you a sneak peek...

Sandy / Rich said...

great news breaking $900 for ACS.

You know that Sandy & I have the winning ticket.

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