Thursday, March 13, 2008


my cousin, ben.

we spent some time down on the waterfront a week or so ago, working on a project for him to take home next week to iowa.

you've seen him here on the blog(dressed up as a bear), here when he graduated from high school in 2005 and i flew out to surprise him for the graduation, here in a really cool self-portrait, here playing soccer, under the pop rocks here, and here in seattle.

he's the newest kid on the block, just down the street from the brownrices. he came down to the farm the other night, for dinner with jonathan and me. i love catching up with him.

he's an incredibly bright, creative, caring young man...with an incredible imagination. in the photo above, he was describing the stick in his hands...and this is an actual quote...
"shelley, the fireballs that this stick can shoot would definitely not protect us from zombies."

it's not a conversation you'd have every day.

ben, i love you. i love what a gracious and loving person you are. and i wish you the happiest of 21st birthdays, and an incredible year ahead.

we're so glad you're out here.

and i love that when i ask you to do the karate kid come up with this...

(notice the sweet bald eagle over his shoulder?!?)

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Elizabeth Ann said...

guess who we saw at church this morning....... the almost 21 year old! :)

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