Thursday, March 20, 2008

top o' the weekend!

one of the things i love about the stock market is that it is always closed on good friday. though people are so p.c. now that they won't say why...other than 'because it's a good friday''s a holiday nonetheless.

and since there's a lenten post coming's post is a little of this week.

monday • the mariners ticket draft
a group from jonathan's office has season tickets to the mariners, and most are die-hard mariners fans. how can you not love that? we celebrated st. patrick's day with the draft at della's house. when watching the season ticket holder dvd, and the recap of edgar being inducted into the mariners hall of fame...there it was. the ctm seats...with chuck and chris and a giant m's ED-GRR banner. so the dvd was paused, and this served as the backdrop for the draft until the 7th inning stretch. at that point, one of my fave movies, fever pitch, was in the dvd player. we watched the red sox draft, where they all have to dance for tickets. perfect timing. one of the best parts of the evening? winning the first pick of the first round...and ending up with the saturday night game against the yankees!

tuesday • the evening at the mansion
with the st. martin's alumni association and featuring the governor, christine gregoire. oh, and first mike was there. since finian road image & design designed the invitation suite for the event, it was fun to see how it all turned out. caught up with the infamous table 10, where we all noticed the irony of one of the (catholic) gov-na's comments. speaking to a (pre-dominantly) catholic crowd, she said that one of the only things that hasn't happened in the 100-year-old mansion was a wedding. her (catholic) daughter is going to be married there this summer. i suppose st. michael's (catholic) parish is just too far away (a few minutes) to actually have the ceremony performed in the church. but i digress.

wednesday • the night of crashing early
yes, it's true. i fell asleep right after dinner. it was a little bit of heaven. had to get up early because of thursday's schedule...having to be on the road at 4:30 a.m.

thursday • the day my name changed
it's last name is now sprouffske. had the hearing today at thurston county district court, where i changed my middle name to 'mauss' and my last name to sprouffske. when the judge said, "congratulations, mrs. sprouffske!", it was done!

that said, i'm consolidating my email addresses down to just 2:
for photog/graphic design: shelley (at) finianroad dot com
for personal email: shelleysprouffske (at) gmail dot com

to thwart the spam bots, i hope you'll use your imagination to realize that (at) = @, and dot com = .com :)

after finishing all the paperwork, i headed home for a long working weekend on the house and image editing. for st. patrick's day, jonathan ordered us a dumpster (yea, us!) and we've been really cleaning house. there's a fire in the wood stove, wood in the rack to refuel the fire, and lemon cream scones (with fresh half-and-half) in the oven.

it is a good thing.

and for the first time officially ever on the blog...
mrs. shelley sprouffske


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the name change! I remember when I got my new social security card in the mail, I couldn't help but show it off!! I'm loving the married life, and I'm glad that you are, too!!

Nancy E said...

Congrats my friend... from Mrs. Cook. It is a pretty cool thing actually, although I am half Peck/ half Cook everywhere and it drives me nuts the places that make you jump through so many hoops to make the change. Thinking of changing the cable to Steve & be done with it! Finally only paying for one health insurance AND changed my name for Boston too! First time running as Nancy COOK! Not sure how to change the blog, without closing and starting again. Lastly - and this is the best, I carry my marriage liscense with me EVERYWHERE in case I need to prove that I am INDEED Nancy Cook. It is a wonderful journey to be with your true match and having his name makes it REAL.


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