Tuesday, March 4, 2008

a little avila goodness

just finished downloading the images from baby avila's two-day-old newborn shoot...and though we're heading out the door to dinner, felt that it was time she graced the e-world with her presence.

i may be biased, but she's got to be one of the most beautiful nieces ever. more to come, i promise.

check over to finian road a bit later...


Anonymous said...

Hi shelly! So how blessed our we to be aunts to Avila? I agree with you...she is one of the most beautiful baby girls i've seen! Ash and I were sad we didn't see you over the weekend, but every chance we get we will be in tacoma so hopefully we will run into you soon!:) Hope the married life is treating you well, tell Jonathan hi! Love you!


Anonymous said...

I need you out here to photograph Theo STAT!!!!

You're up for a flight to Chicago right? :-)

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