Friday, March 7, 2008

a bit of friday random

:: in no particular order ::

getting de-cluttered rocks. among my favorite de-cluttering tools...

  • the daily system from pottery barn
    jonathan calls this "the command center". i am just happy that we switched from the old corkboard with adam and jonathan's tallies of beer drinking games, the most famous of them being "golf".
  • the flylady
    i've sang her praises in the past - but her site has been the best to keep me motivated to move through a little bit at a time. the bathrooms are now 95% cleaned out and decluttered. we have moved the infamous statue of david to a more prominent position in the beware...if you use the bathroom at night and forget he's there. it will terrify you.
  • narrow stacking canisters from the container store
    the kitchen is finally finding true order. thanks to a massive reorganization when the brownrices were down last - everything is in a spot that makes sense. we're about 90% done in here, and 85% done in the china cabinets.

in other randomness...

  • how sweet was it to see a bald eagle down on ruston way this week?
  • i do not ♥ daylight savings time. this 'spring forward' deal so early means that i will be driving in the dark to work for at least another month.
  • i also do not ♥ daylight savings time when i am on the girls junior encounter for bellarmine this weekend. you seriously need all the sleep you can get - and now we lose an hour on the first night? liz was onto something with her rant on this topic.
  • speaking of people being right on, kate's post on girl scout cookies couldn't have been more true. i succumbed last night to the cutest little girls in front of the yelm highway safeway - doc and i now have caramel de-lites, peanut butter patties and 'thanks a lots' to our hearts content. how could i turn the little girl scout down? she told me i could increase my vocabulary to learn how to say 'thank you' in many different languages - the cookies would help me!
  • for fish friday, i just made an excellent knock-off of my favorite grilled cheese sandwich from over the moon cafe.
  • i shouldn't have got a big head about my fire skills the other day. on wednesday, i learned that if you leave the plastic fire-lighter on the stove when it's roaring flames at 550 ° - the fluid it in will burst. and the plastic will melt. and the person responsible would cry at their dumbness...especially realizing how she would never live it down if the rainier fire department had to come help the fire commissioner's wife because she was an idiot and forgot dr. brownrice's cardinal rule of firemaking - remove all plastic!
  • the last joy in de-cluttering...finding rolls of undeveloped film, taking them to costco...and finding this upon picking them up:

(in case you're wondering who the gal on the right's jonathan's mom!)

1 comment:

Nancy E said...

AMAZING bald eagle photo! We have one at our rapture center (Vermont Institute of Natural Science) that they saved. Such beautiful animals and the colors and stillness of your photo is just fabulous!

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