Sunday, February 24, 2008

of sunshine and wedded bliss

yesterday's weather was an anomaly for february...which worked out incredibly perfectly for the wedding i shot last night! i snuck away from the relay training for the later afternoon and evening, and headed down to browns point.

when we were shooting the bridal portraits before the ceremony - what i thought was a giant seagull (we're clearly talking giant) ended up being a windsurfing parasailer (is that even the right term?). the bride was absolutely beautiful - but don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself!

with the intense sunshine - i was so grateful to maureen, who assisted with the wedding and absolutely rocked. here she is in all her reflecting and diffusing glory - muting the sunshine to capture the groom's 97 year old grandfather from the blazing light. thank you, woman, you were awesome!


Anonymous said...

NO NO! Thank you! I had so much fun catching up with you! I cannot wait to see you edit these pictures! Anytime, anywhere you got me as an assistant!

Zachary C. Mauss said...

Umm, the correct term would be "Kiteboarder" or "Kitesurfer!" haha, pretty badass, eh.
Yeah, I'm taking lessons in May!
Sweet pic though!!!!

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