Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a little of rainier...

both the mountain...and the town. well, actually on the way to the town (the bottom photo).

had the camera with me today in case baby mauss decided to make his or her debut in the world...but alas, the child is fashionably late, and so i snapped a few different photos.

the first two are from my office - as the sun was rising. i can't wait until the sun rises before i leave the house...not an hour after arriving. and according to the experts at sunrise/sunset, that won't happen until may 21st.

taken along rainier road on the way home. i headed home early today in anticipation of the next best thing to becoming an aunt...a special delivery from valentine's day!

this 2008 valentine's day, jonathan and i spent the romantic evening at lowe's, finding the new fridge, range, and dishwasher for the kitchen. it was the best valentine's ever. (how married do i sound?!?)

as jonathan would say, "no foolin'!"


Elizabeth Ann said...

new appliances vs new aunt
not quite sure if there really is a comparison.... :)

where are the photos of the "new" kitchen??????

Before and after?

shelley said...

good idea.

but for now...the photo would be just of the stove.

the fridge is 1/4 inch too tall under the cabinet.

the dishwasher and range hood need a little TLC from senor brownrice. :)

know what i mean, jellybean?

Nancy E said...

OK - we carried 3 loads wood from the back yard to the house on the front loader / tractor and I thought THAT was romantic. We are too frugal to hit Lowes! : )

OK - we did open some wine after the wood was done... but still in our wool and outside work coats. Very fun. Love is grand ain't it?

Anonymous said...

Love the Blog Header, what a cutie pie, pan forward a few years, and that will be one of your little ones running in the field!

Jonathan said...

Yeah, whoever that kid is on the blog header must be a superstar by now.

With glasses and moves like that, whoever married him is one lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

OMG.. These are great images Shelley.. Makes me feel very happy when I see this images... ~erwin

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