Tuesday, December 18, 2007

25 days of christmas | a whole bunch of days together

a little quiet on viper's world recently, huh? :)

call it the 'ten days before the wedding-itis'!

the last week has definitely had it's lows (a repeat of the icky grossness of march 2006 when the main line backed up into my house) and its highs (an amazing blessing and mass last night at becky's house)...but we're surviving the craziness just before christmas and the wedding.

that said, here are the things that i'm incredibly grateful for...
  • my mom - who brought me chicken noodle soup tonight
  • the blessing and mass last night - becky and crystal, two of my bridesmaids, put together a mass for jonathan and me and invited those who have been there through our faith journey, with one of the coolest affirmations afterwards. i left there with my heart full and tears in my eyes. thanks, father raftis, for coming down to say mass. it was truly, truly a gift. deserves a post all its own.
  • the key wedding peeps - who are the reason that the type-a personality like myself will be able to enjoy the wedding day without worrying about details (consider them the wedding logistics team!). meeting with them today at union station, finalizing all the details. good, good stuff. also deserving of a post all its own.
  • rich - who helped navigate the nightmare that was my main sewer line in the house. you are seriously, seriously an angel from heaven.
  • jonathan - who puts up with me, day in and day out, and still wants to marry me. :) you are so good to me. i love you.

more to come. i promise. :)

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