Wednesday, December 12, 2007

25 days of christmas | day twelve

yes, this blog is supposed to focus on christmas. however, i offer you a slight detour. i just turned in our marriage application and received the marriage i'm in a wedding-crunch-mode kind of mood.

check out what came in the mail today!!

this handy little postcard, addressed to simply "sprouffske + mauss"....seriously, the ink on the marriage application wasn't even dry yet!

the wedding hustle bustle is over!

my favorite features of this guy?
  • no wedding chapel gift shop hustles
  • no waiting in a court with criminals
  • afternoons, evenings, even midnight appointments
  • 2000 couples married in pierce county by this guy since 1998!
and the best?
elopements are just $40 on mondays and wednesdays!

stay tuned for tomorrow...for a super fabulously awesome perspective on marriage.


Elizabeth Ann said...

I googled him and he is a photographer too! I wonder if he offers a package deal?

shelley said...

especially if there is a package deal for mondays and wednesdays!

life would be so good then!

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