Tuesday, December 11, 2007

25 days of christmas | day eleven
my life as a stapler

seriously, time is flying by.

i have been MIA for a number of reasons - but mainly, the world's most annoying cold and cough. and yes, this is the cough i had in late november. it just hasn't gone away.

so. incredibly. annoying.

and the blackberry is dead. so if you've texted my 206 phone number and had no response, that is why. it is deader than dead. if you have my 206 number, call it and you'll get the number that i'm using right now. :)

but beyond that, here's my favorite highlights of the last week or so...
  • finishing up the christmas season for photography
    all the prints and cards arrived this week (yea for packages on the doorstep!), and finished my 2007 shoots with a 24 hour, three shoot blitz...from sunshine to snow! check the blog for my faves...
  • finishing the programs for the wedding
    with my fabulous sisters (debbie, kathie, and cindy wolf wolf) and liz (also known as one of the women who know everything) - we assembled 500 programs for the wedding mass...which is just 17 days away. i stapled each program (thus, my life as a stapler) and by the end of the night, my arm was so sore it was hard to put the seatbelt on! debbie had a most fabulous dinner prepared for us and a yummy dessert of chilled cream puffs. wedding dress, be damned!
  • meeting the peeps in the se thurston fire department
    went to the outgoing fire commissioner reception...of which jonathan is one of the incoming commissioners. finally put faces to names...loved meeting everyone who puts up with jonathan. :) really really excited that a number of them will be at the wedding.


Elizabeth Ann said...

Don't you mean FROZEN cream puffs?????

shelley said...

chilled to the point they were still frozen.


Elizabeth Ann said...

But they were still deliciously yummy!

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