Friday, December 7, 2007

25 days of christmas | day seven

the infamous christmas letters. i've been meaning to blog these for a while, but had to get them all pdf'ed and ready to go. (for those of you who know how detailed oriented i am, know that the funky formatting on each letter was designed around the particular christmas paper chosen each year. i seriously did not want to take the time to reformat it. it's called 'letting go'. :) ).

i began writing the family christmas letters in 1999 - after the famous multi-page year that proclaimed the goodness of us mauss kids for thousands of words longer than it needed to be. heck, by the end of the letter, i didn't even recognize the shelley and mike that mom was talking about!!

[sidenote to know i love you. and i love how much you love us. and how you think we're the greatest kids in the world. which, well, we are. :) but i was more than happy to condense the christmas letter down, and share our year's happenings on one side of one sheet. and help it resemble a bit more about our lives, and not how we're bound for sainthood before we've even died. :) ]

so for the last eight christmases, i've penned the letter. and in this year, the ninth christmas, i wrote 2 letters. one for the fam, and one for jonathan and me. but since it's not in everyone's hands yet...those last ones will have to wait.

in case you want to catch up on the world of our fam, long before the blog began (so this is pre-2005), here's your chance. :)

2006 • life-changing experiences
2005 • milestones
2004 • the pilgrimage to spain and the 20th anniversary of relay
2003 • road trips
2002 • making the big time where we are
2001 • celebrations and tears
2000 • spare moments
1999 • changes


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